Ways Security Launches Disruptive Medical Alert Voice Technology.

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

March 25, 2018 - Sarasota, FL, Ways Technology has released the first voice activated medical alert solution for older adults or anyone recovering at home that may be in need assistance. Companion - Call for Help works with Amazon Alexa (digital personal assistant) and requires no medical pendant or wearable panic button of any type.

The technology leverages the recent advancements in voice recognition which is changing how we interface with devices on a wide array of every-day use cases. "Voice First" solutions, including search are seeing a rapid growth in natural spoken voice commands.

Google projects that by 2020, 50% of all searches online will be made by voice.

The new Companion - voice activated medical alert works just with you voice and can connect the user within seconds, via 2-way voice, from any room in your home to highly trained Urgent Response Care Agents - 24/7.

Solving the Biggest Problem

As baby boomers and their parents age, 90% want to live at home rather than in an assisted living facility (aka "nursing home"). One problem seniors face is that one in four adults over age 65 have a fall each year. Falls can be serious at that age, and in some cases lead to hospitalization or death. Broken hips are common and are serious and difficult to recover from.

Seniors who fall or become seriously ill at home alone are particularly at risk.

The solution for those aging at home alone has been a medical pendant or wearable panic button. The problem is that, until now, they only came in two styles; ugly and embarrassing. Seniors don't want to wear them and 83% of subscribers to the service did not have them on when they experienced a fall.

Welcome to the era of Voice First and digital assistants like Amazon Alexa - which sold 21 million units in its first two years, and was CNET's product of the year in 2017.

Companion expects to release it's Mobile Solution for people "on the go" later this year.

Learn more here:

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