Ways Security Taps Andy Westlund as CEO with Operating Control of Dehart

June 1, 2018, Sarasota, Florida - Today Ways Security announced the appointment of Andy Westlund, (a Ways Security board member) as CEO of our Dehart Division and Operating Control of our Dehart Division (formerly a 50/50 ownership structure). Andy will also become Co-CEO of Ways Security, joining Mark Gray, founder & Co-CEO.

Andy Westlund, CEO of Dehart

Andy Westlund, most recently, was CEO of OGC, Inc., a $200 million in annual revenue company based in Oregon, which achieved in highest years of revenue and profitability under Andy's leadership.

Andy Westlund, CV

Prior VP of Global Operations for Amazon .com

Mr. Westlund was recruited and hired by Jeff Bezos in the early days of Amazon. Andy led global operations for Amazon during its record-setting "hyper-growth" years from early stage to more than $5 billion in annual sales. Andy was responsible for systems and operations of Amazon's logistics, delivery and customer care globally with more than 5 million square feel of warehouse space and thousands of employees.

Best Practices and Continuous Improvement

Andy's philosophy and management style is to develop great people and teams that challenge "best practices" that may have served a great purpose (at some point in time) but can be made better through a Process of Continuous Improvement.

The Eternal Question

How can we serve the customer better?

Andy will be joining Mark Gray as Co-CEO of Ways Security where they will divide the mission surrounding acquisition, integration, operations and organic growth.

Welcome aboard Andy!


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